Jack Sparrow (featuring Michael Bolton)


(Due diligence and full disclosure): So The Lonely Island is not known for being “safe for work” – this one is relatively mild, but there is some strong language in this, and Michael in a leapard print dress (WTF?) comes as a bit of a shock.

Still, its funny and we agree with Michael’s feelings about Jack Sparrow.


  1. admin05-26-11

    Bolton looks better these days with short hair.

  2. admin06-11-11

    Although he looks like he’s blind in the club with his sunglasses on

  3. ticky06-14-11

    michael bolton looks like sarah jessica parker when he puts blond wig on…. not sure he is better with short hair, has he been invited to the wedding………

    • admin06-15-11

      You’re right! SJP, you have competition!

    • admin06-15-11

      And no, much as we would love to have Michael Bolton singing at our wedding, we regret there just isn’t space ;)

  4. ticky06-14-11

    moreover has jack sparrow been invited? happy to do so

    • admin06-15-11

      I think you should totally invite him! Doctors Orders(TM) ;)

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