Avast! (Invitation)

Avast! (Invitation)

Avast Mateys!

Capn James Gilmour the Grisly Dominy

and his Pyrate Queen

Amanda Sabrina, Siren of the Seas Gillespie

Command ye t splice the mainbrace

in an evening o merriment and feasting

in celebration of nuptial bargains struck.

On their Pyrate ship, the Jolly Roger.

Casting off from Quay Five o the

V&A Waterfront, Cape o Good Hope

33o54E, 18o25S

One Quarter Hour past Two Bells

in the First Dog Watch

(or 17h15 for the landlubbers amongst ye)

on the 16th day o September

Ye be commanded to dress in ye best

Pyratical finery, be ye brash buccaneer,

corrupt commodore, conniving cabin boy,

or tempestuous tavern tart.

Know ye all that appropriate dress is

Capns orders and required for passage.

Poncy besuited landlubbers will be

tarred and feathered.

Aye or Nay?

Please RSVP here

By 30th June 2011