Send us your pics

Send us your pics

How to send us your pics

Send us your pics or videos and we’ll post them all in a gallery here. There are a number of ways to send us your pics:

  1. Dropbox share (preferred method)
  2. Manual upload (tedious if you have lots of pics)
  3. Email us

Dropbox Share

Sign up for a free Dropbox account at, then download and install their desktop programme. Copy your pics into a folder in your Dropbox (by default: My Documents > Dropbox), then right-click that folder, choose Dropbox > Share this folder and send a share request to

Manual upload


Email us

Lastly, you could always email us your pics (singly or in a .zip/.7z/other archive) to


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James and Amanda saying their vows in their civil ceremony, held the day before the Pirate Wedding, at the Castle of Good Hope.

James and Amanda saying their pirate vows. (unedited)